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The slang term most recognized is 'eating pussy', or perhaps 'going down', but the correct term is cunnilingus (cun-i-ling-us).

Many people find the taste of a latex (rubber) condom to be unpleasant and avoid using one during oral sex for that reason.

The second risk is where there is immediate contact between the mouth or tongue and fecal matter (including bacteria) when performing analingus - though this can be avoided by insuring the area is thoroughly cleaned before having sex, especially with an antibacterial soap.

Positive Consequences: Oral sex can be an excellent alternative to full sexual intercourse, providing it is done safely.

Also keep in mind that oral sex can (and actually should) involve more than just the genitals.

There are many, many areas on the body that respond with pleasure when caressed with the lips or tongue.

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